Lindenhof, Germany, 2018

Area: 145 sqm, Client: Private, Finalized: March 2018

Team: arch. Silvia Coman, arch. Roxana Jipa

Empty attic, captured in the shell of a house – a problem to be solved: 145 sqm apartment for a young family, apartment in which light and privacy were the main guidelines. Bergreheinfeld Attic is the very first long-distance project that allowed us to create proposals, specifications, to support and advise the client through e-mail, video or phone calls. The aim was to find the best solution for partitioning an empty space and optimizing it by clearly dividing the day, night and service area. Optional renderings were added to get a better feeling of the future home.




Our client feedback:

<<Thank you for the really good work you have done! You had so many great ideas, that really improved the whole project. It was very nice working with you.>>