Bucharest, Romania, 2018

Area: 69 sqm, Client: Private, Finalized: October 2018

Team: arch. Silvia Coman , arch. Roxana Jipa
Collaborators: Top Level Construct – construction team, Atelier Moldoveanu– metal works, Mobila Brio – furniture, Dalila Interior  – curtains, Benjamin Moore Romania – wall paint, BellaCasa – doors, Romtec Invest – wood floor

The Master Bedroom representing the parents sanctuary uses simple, clear lines with no added décor. A calming, big, white canvas with a touch of grey protecting the sleeping area.

The room has evey area optimized and used for the necessary but hidden storage.

The small bathroom, used by the mother of the family keeps the same grey tiles, wood elements and white furniture as the father’s but adds to the color palette a plus of femininity with the Benjamin Moore Light Quartz 2011-70 (powdered pink). With enough storage space for cosmetics and home products this bathroom is free of other household items. Inspired by her passion for super-heroes, a few black lines were added through the poster and the mirror frame.

The Kitchen also continues the white canvas used throughout the house but with an entire wall standing out, a Benjamin Moore Somkestack Gray 2131-40 with a blackboard like finish, for all the family to enjoy doodling or writing menus or recipes.

The Living Room is the one that brings the family together, along with their hobbies : relaxing while reading or playing chess, all can be done in one cosy room. One corner is decorated with the family pictures and memories, a super comfortable armchair, and a plant for a touch of green.

In the smaller bedroom, a baby`s bedroom for now, the blackboard appears as a free, pathcy splash of color with just the right height for a creative child to come up with a masterpiece.

The sleeping area is enclosed in a storage space with bookshelves creating a cosy lit corner for a future super-hero to read and dream about new adventures.

Photo credit: Sabin Prodan

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Our client feedback:

<<The result is the house we imagined and we are really happy about that.>>