Bucharest, Romania, 2019

Area: 67 sqm, Client: Private, Finalized: Septembre 2019

Team: arch. Silvia Coman , arch. Roxana Jipa
Collaborators:  Mobila Brio – furniture, Dalila Interior  – curtains, BellaCasa – doors

Take modern custom-made furniture and add layers of pattern and colour and get millions of ideas for a cozy home interior design. “Cozy” can be found in so many kinds of interior design, but in ENE MODORAN Apartment the main purpose was to obtain a space as warm as a summer vacation for a client that was moving back to Romania.

Without unneeded decorations, all white with shades of blue and yellow, the space became brighter and more welcoming. Some of the rooms, like the child’s bedroom, the bathrooms, the living room and the hallways, received custom-made furniture following the clients needs and requests while other rooms like the master bedroom and the kitchen partially furnished received a face-lift.

Photo credit: Sabin Prodan

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Our client feedback:

<<t’s been a real pleasure to collaborate with the architects at Lime Studio. They have offered excellent solutions for our space within our budget, helping us enlighten our home and making it cosy and comfortable.
It was very easy working with them and they always understood and made efforts to take into account our requests, especially considering that our communication was online or over the phone, since we were not in the city while the renovation took place.
I strongly believe we need interior designers and architects to help us discover beauty and practicality in our living or working spaces and I  wholeheartedly recommend Lime Studio for this endeavour.>>