Voluntari, Romania, 2018

Area: 200 sqm, Client: Private, Finalized: October 2018

Team: arch. Silvia Coman , arch. Roxana Jipa
Collaborators: Profi Elements – construction team,  Kasta Metal – pool renovation, Atelier Moldoveanu– metal works, El Jardin de Daniel – landscaping, Betondecoart – pavement, Mobila Brio – furniture

The villas situated in the North part of the city were left empty for a couple of years before we started the renovation project. The exterior, facades, garden, fence as well as the interiors were severely affected by temperature variations throughout the year and vandalized. The entire process was set towards going back to the initial approved architecture project. Therefore, the interior spaces were optimized by adding separating walls were considered necessary for functional purposes and ease of use. The lights, finishes and fixtures were changed guided by a neutral design, considering they were meant for renting and also considering the client’s budget.

This project presented a series of challenges but it was successfully finalized with the help of our collaborators.



Photo credit: Sabin Prodan

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