Romania, 2019

Area: 660 sqm, Client: Private

Interior Design: arch. Silvia Olteanu, arch. Roxana Jipa

Architecture: Arhitect Studio CN

Landscape Design: landscape arch. Flavia Barabas

Collaborators: Malinoiu Windows & Doors, Fedo, Valenteo Sofas & Beds, Benjamin Moore, UV Forest,  Atelier Moldoveanu, Noiana, Studio Wood Box – Vlad Rebenciuc, Mobel Amadeus, Supertech

When talking about “eclectic” in interior design we understand a mixture of styles, a combination of different directions, a freedom in imagination. For the Nicolae Balcescu house we expressed this freedom through a mixture of textures, time periods, styles and colors.

One of our starting points was the owner`s love for Klimt`s use of colours and textures, introducing gold accents through a unique technique.

The furniture pieces as well as the lighting fixtures have different styles and come from different eras. The restored Altdeutsche wood dining cabinet, with a green marble countertop and crystal mirrors, dating back to the 1900s, sits besides velvet upholstered chairs and a modern wooden table.

The living room combines vintage reupholstered chairs, a butterfly chair, vintage looking mirrors and an Indonesian wood drawer with a modern blue couch, a Chesterfield sofa and brass finishes for the tables and lighting fixtures. The charm of this room is completetd by the two sided fireplace and the memorable decor: paintings and vases, statues, chests and live plants, original lamps and cushions.

Eclectic style in the interior of the kitchen is comprised of a light background and modern appliances. The special charm and personality of this kitchen is given by the pattern of the floor – ceramic tiles and the themed paintings on the walls.

Finding this style in the bedroom implies comfortable furniture, a large 220 cm by 200 cm bed with a bright velvet upholstery, a wooden drawer, dark, soothing background and dark wood furniture, combined with mirrors and a piece of original art by Noiana. An unusual  element found in the bedroom plays well with the joyful character of the owner – the handcrafted wood and brass swing by Studio Wood Box – Vlad Rebenciuc.

All around the house textiles help to create the atmosphere, the simplicity of natural fabrics like leather in the living room and classic oriental style, ethnic prints of the rugs in the bedroom, dining and living room.

The eclectic concept in this design includes the creation of a cozy space filled with the things that are relevant to the owner of the house: several souvenirs from travels, things that were inherited or received as a gift, fashion and vintage pieces, artsy and simple altogether.

Photo credit: Sabin Prodan

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Our client feedback:

<<The project was a real challenge. I wanted my future home to be perfect aesthetically and to exude the perfect atmosphere for me and my family, that is why I looked for the best professionals. Not only my dream house came out as I imagined, but also Lime Studio put their souls and their knowledge in this project. I can sincerely say that it came out better than I ever thought it will. For all these things I am truly grateful.>>