Bucharest, Romania, 2021

Area: 58.3 sqm, Client: Private, Finalized: July 2021

Team: arch. Silvia Olteanu, arch. Roxana Jipa
Collaborators: Concept Hub – ceramic tiles, kitchen and bath fixtures, Romtecinvest – wood flooring,  Benjamin Moore Romania  – wall & ceiling paint, Mobila Brio – custom furniture

In interior design ceilings are often ignored so they usually get the standard white color but a painted ceiling is actually a great way to incorporate a bold color into your home even if, technically black isn’t a color.

For creating a unified look we added black gradually, starting from smaller decorative elements like, the painted plinth, black bathroom, kitchen and light fixtures, the black metal details of the furniture and décor and ending in style with the allover black ceiling that brings everything together.

The design myth that’s been going around for a long time now is that dark paint colors tend to make rooms appear smaller. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. When designed right, and paired with colors and multiple textures to balance out the contrast of the room, a black painted ceiling can make a room appear larger. When the eye is drawn up to notice the bold ceiling, it can give the illusion that walls are taller than they actually are.

A very important feature of Plugarilor Apartment is the general and mood lighting that highlights the thin metallic elements of the furniture or warm and cosy areas of wood. The spotlights, the low level chandelier and the hidden LED lights come together in creating a living story.

Moreover, the apartment is highly masculine as well as zen and original while presenting many layers in design and materials as well: simple effective décor, earth elements, black details, dark ceiling, some industrial features and natural materials such as wood, marble and the cow`s skin rug.

Aside from adding some major drama to a room, the black ceiling can instantly make a space feel more refined and luxurious due to its sophisticated look. The black ceiling adds architectural interest where none existed and makes the space feel far more interesting.

Photo credit: Sabin Prodan

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