Bucharest, Romania, 2016

Area: 44 sqm, Client: Private, Finalized: April 2016

Designing a house on a budget has always been quite a challenge but people have begun to desire to access interior design and decoration on a complete new level. People today can easily achieve designer looks in their own spaces in exchange of a very low price by combining textures, materials, furniture or decoration items and guidance of an interior designer.

The main problem that many people face, especially young people living in a studio is the dimension of the space available.  Space is what you make out of it and it could become very easily your dream home. Keeping this in mind, we have a major clue to style a small studio with character and personality without overwhelming it with colors and textures.

For SEBASTIAN PARK Studio we chose light neutral colors for the main furniture pieces or major surfaces and we accessorized it with splash of vivid colors on items that you could easily change after some seasons and give your space a new appearance. Designing small spaces is also about planning the storage, smart designing or dividing the space in specific areas without using walls. Working with a space measuring just 44 square meters, our team sought to evoque a cozy, bright and feminine atmosphere. Using big pieces of furniture in order to highten the feeling of scale changing, the design concept thrives towards optimizing the use of a small space.

Photo credit: Sabin Prodan

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