AVERESCU Apartment

Bucharest, Romania, 2022

Area: 62 sqm, Client: Private, Finalized: November 2022

Team: arch. Roxana Nițescu, arch. Silvia Olteanu, Junior arch.Miruna Stroe

 Color Smart – wall paint, Spin Zone – custom furniture,  Romtec Invest – floors and plinth, Delta Studio – ceramic floor tiles, washbasin and faucets, Romstal – bathtub, Dalila Interior – blinds and curtains

A small city apartment, Averescu Apartment was created with both function and style in mind. While designing this home we aimed to create a calm atmosphere that would radiate coziness and warmth. The homeowners loved industrial touches and already had some metal light fixtures that needed to be included in the future design.

We added white brick covered walls to balance the black metal fixtures and made it one of the main features of the living room and master bedroom. The brick walls combined with warm wood, white panels, and cool greys, blue and peach accents made this apartment into a modern cozy home.

The wood accents seen throughout the design are largely responsible for a natural warmth vibe and are used frequently throughout this apartment to soften the overall aesthetic.

In this home’s layout, the living room which contains a working area, is connected to a second office/guest bedroom through double glass doors. Therefore light inside the space is brought from two opposite walls of the living room, an unusual and interesting feature for a small city apartment.

The double door is framed by a bookcase with plenty of storage to keep clutter at bay and to make room for the owner`s board games and collection of books. Also adding to the storage of this apartment are all the radiator covers throughout all the rooms in the house that comprise of both open and closed storage spaces.

The rooms have a few lighting options, including back lighting on the master bedroom wall, that highlights the brick wall, a pendant with warm light, a floor lamp in the living room and a pendant in the bathroom. This array of options means that a flick of a switch can take this space from energizing to relaxing or vice versa.

For the kitchen to be updated and have a suspended oven, enough storage and counter space we added an island around the existing pillar that fits both a breakfast sitting area as well as storage and coffee station counter space.

The bathroom brings the blue accents used throughout the living room, bedroom and office, through partially painted walls and vibrant accessories. The terrazzo style ceramic brings the accents of the space together.

Although having a limited floor space, Averescu Apartment manages to cover all the storage needs of a modern owner, bring together the industrial feel but also make it feel more like home.

Photo credit: Sabin Prodan

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