OBREGIA Apartment

Bucharest, Romania, 2022

Area: 92.6 sqm, Client: Private, Finalized: November 2022

Team: arch. Roxana Nițescu, arch. Silvia Olteanu, Junior arch. Miruna Stroe

 Color Smart – wall paint, Mobila Brio- custom furniture,  Romtec Invest – floor finishing, Elegance Decor – decorative profiles and plinth,

The Metal – kitchen divider/window , Delta Studio – ceramic tiles and faucets, Romstal – sanitary wares, Dalila Interior – blinds and curtains

From an aesthetic point of view, the light green (Jack and the Bean Stalk Benjamin Moore color shade) used in Alexandru Obregia apartment has a fresh, clean look and combined with the white background and the light shades of wood creates a light, eye-catching interior.

Found among the design trends of 2023, this calm green is the perfect colour to make the space pleasant but also to stimulate creativity. Together with hues of bright yellow used for the child’s room or salmon pink for the rest of the apartment, this light green shade gives the feeling of an interior design that will never go out of style, not only because of its versatility but also because it is combined with woody tones, natural and neutral textiles.

Alexandru Obregia apartment inspires serenity and relaxation, making a narrow and not so well divided space a great home for a family of four.

Keeping a contemporary style in mind, every room fits the lifestyle of the family with simple lines and neutral backgrounds, making colorful shades of green, yellow or salmon-pink become star colors of each space.

The kitchen and the living room are the most used spaces in the house, and here, color is the one that contours different functionalities of the space: for the living room a nice play area along with a full length wall bookcase for the entire family and in the kitchen, the place that brings the entire family together, the dining and the cooking area.

In the bedroom the role of color use changes and it is used for bringing peace of mind and therefore promote sleep.

The color palette, both feminine and masculine, changes ambiance and defines spaces.

The interior of Alexandru Obregia apartment is shaped not only by clean lines, clear spaces in which each piece of furniture, shelf or cupboard has a distinct function and necessity, but also by the carefully picked decorations, that come as an essential element at play. The entire concept allows the mind to focus,  makes space to think and observe or feel things around you. All these connect with each other and with the entire design concept and altogether they provide a perfect calm and fresh aesthetic.

Photo credit: Sabin Prodan

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