Bucharest, Romania, 2022

Area: 110 sqm, Client: Private, Finalized: June 2022

Team: arch. Roxana Nițescu, arch. Silvia Olteanu

Collaborators: Decora Design –  blinds, Color Smart  – wall paint, Mobila Brio  – custom furniture, Elegance Decor – decorative profiles, Domicilio – lighting fixtures,  Romstal – ceramic tiles

When talking about scandinavian design we imagine spaces typically filled with light colours and clean uncluttered lines of functional furniture. Octavian Goga Duplex manages to blend all these charcteristics with the fresh personality and preferences of a young family of four.

The interesting challenge in designing this duplex was optimizing the space to fit the necessities of the family. The initial space was a 2 bedroom apartment but by carefully adding a wall with a nook for a desk and a recessed shelf for the family’s book collection we created a 3 bedroom apartment with enough space for them to rest, work and store each of their favorite reads.

The use of natural materials and modern clean shapes in furniture and decoration are highlighted by the general track spot lighting. The hidden LED lights provide the warm atmosphere needed in any scandinavian interior.

Pops of dark red and light green accents in wall colour, furniture pieces and decor bring out the personality of the users, acting like binding elements throughout the space.

Photo credit: Sabin Prodan

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