Calarasi, Romania, 2022

Area: 58 sqm, Client: Private, Finalized: March 2022

Team: arch. Roxana Nițescu, arch. Silvia Olteanu

 Color Smart – wall paint, Mobila Brio – custom furniture,  Atas Lighting– LED lighting and profiles

In practice, no design style exists in its pure state. All styles can have common or similar elements that can be integrated into a space in a coherent way.

Victoriei apartment easily combines elements from ​​Scandinavian design, the simple, clear lines of the furniture, the light colors, beige, white and the inserts of natural finishes – wood with glam elements. This two bedroom apartment brings elegance/glam through metallic/golden accents found in the details, furniture handles, lighting fixtures and decorations, through the velvet textile elements like the sofa, the upholstery of the chairs and bed, but also the curtains and also through the marble inserts: finishing chosen for the bathroom, kitchen and table tops in the living room and dining area.

To all these harmoniously combined elements in what we can now call Scandinavian-Glam, we added dark gray and blue accents to bring some personality to the space and also to create a chromatic balance.


The overall feeling of the space is also sweetened by decorative lighting fixtures and hidden lights.

Photo credit: Sabin Prodan

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